So-net Media Networks announce the new product “Logicad Prospect Customer Targeting” Finds prospect customer who can be a royal customer utilizing AI and DMP which newly developed


Press Release

TOKYO, May, 26, 2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announces the start of new product Logicad Prospect Customer Targeting which utilizes AI and DMP, from May 26th, 2016.

Logicad Prospect Customer Targeting

Logicad Prospect Customer Targeting finds the prospect customers who will become royal customers for clients by utilizing AI in several steps. “VALIS-Engine” which is used for Prospect Customer Targeting is in-house developed engine based on leading edge machine learning technology. VALIS-Engine finds the user who has high possibility of make behavior modification.

With the start of this new product, So-net Media Networks developed private DMP “Logicad DMP”. After defining the “royal customer” on Logicad DMP from CRM data each client owns, Logicad finds the prospect customer and deliver targeting ads to them based on 300 million web browsing history per month which stored in Logicad by AI VALIS-Engine.

Steps of finding the prospect customers

Logicad Prospect Targeting will provide proposal and improvement plan based on the report to define the royal customers, and also data federation and any campaign for royal customers.

Data of Logicad Prospect Customer Targeting Report

■What is “VALIS-Engine”?
It is an engine extract the user who is likely to change the behavior from enormous log data and audience data DSP “Logicad” possess. Based on proprietary machine learning algorithms, it captures the signs of future behavior change using continuous future value and discrete future value. R&D members in So-net Media Networks developed the VALIS-Engine based on the forefront machine learning technology which gained as a SONY group

Prospect Customer Targeting has been doing test campaign in real estate industry from last year, and now it is open to every industry.

So-net Media Networks look for the expansion of various functions for the service related to Marketing Technology, to implement the goal which solves the problems of customers on Marketing by technology So-net Media has.


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