Logicad Starts Synchronizing with Universal Data Hub: AI Meets Real-Time Marketing Data


Press Release

Tokyo, April 19, 2017- So-net Media Networks Corp.,(SMN) is proud to announce that Logicad, Demand Side Platform(DSP) starts synchronizing with Universal Data Hub, a real-time customer data management platform by Tealium, Inc.

In these days, consumer experience is made online for digital marketing, utilizing multiple marketing tools. In order to maximize the function of these marketing tools, installation, testing, optimization, and activation need to be driven by data. However, while the use of technology gets diversified and complex, there is still a technological issue in data management to integrate and control a number of tags embedded in websites and mobile apps.

Tealium, Inc is a leading company that provides solutions for real-time consumer data and tag management for more than 700 organizations worldwide. The excellence of Universal Data Hub lies in its strong integration function that provides an all-in-one solution to control tags across different types of digital marketing tools and systems. Moreover, in the process of collecting user data, Universal Data Hub can reflect the data on the system in real-time.

Marketers can define actions for marketing strategy, using Universal Data Hub and integrating data on digital marketing tools they are familiar to use.

By this collaboration, Logicad can distribute ads for estimated 200 billion impressions, based on data integrated on Universal Data Hub.
In addition, significant improvement in ad distribution can be expected by utilizing cutting-edge technologies that SMN developed: VALIS- Engine, artificial intelligence(AI) for digital marketing and technology that can process approximate 300 million UB big data.


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