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  • Logicad is an optimized DSP platform with large-scale delivery log and system infrastructure which processes audience data fast and stable using its own algorithm.

    About Logicad

  • So-net Media Networks have a strategic partnership with PubMatic Inc., programmatic advertising platform company for leading publishers, in Japan.
    PubMatic is one of the world's leading SSP (Strategic Selling Platform).

  • So-net Media Networks is a media representative of the So-net portal site.

  • So-net Media Networks provide reliable closed affiliate program called SCAN (So-net Media Networks Cpa Ad Network).




Our mission is to provide the solutions to the clients with essential value by sharpen the analytical skills and technical strength.
Since beginning of the 21 century, the cost of the analyzing the data greatly reduced, and now you can process in real time much better. Reflecting such progress in technology, the importance of these "real-time utilization of large-scale data" has been growing more and more in various fields. We will continue to provide various solutions with essential value by focusing utilization of massive data in real time, and embarking on new technology progressively.

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