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A Message from our President

Creating innovative services by utilizing evolving information and communication technologies to provide a future filled with joy and delight.

So-net Media Networks (SMN) is a company which develops marketing technology based on our three core technologies of big data processing, artificial intelligence and financial engineering.

SNM has been providing the Demand Side Platform (DSP) “Logicad” which is an evolved version of an ad network since 2011. This is a new type of ad serving solution which instantly determines the characteristics of users who visit a website and displays the optimal advertisement for that user.

“Logicad” participates in auctions carried out between systems in order to gain the right to display advertisements on websites. This can browse the data of hundreds of millions of users in one process, create the optimal advertisement for a specific user and calculate the optimal bidding price. This process is carried out tens of thousands of times per second. We are putting efforts into automatic optimization technology for bidding prices which utilizes expertise in system construction technology for processing a large amount of data in real time as well as financial engineering in order to create this extensive process at the top global level. Moreover, we established a Research & Development Lab in 2014 and are developing the artificial intelligence “VALIS-Engine.” This technology immediately finds users who are interested in goods and services providing the optimal message at the optimal time based on indications in behavior changes.

In 2015, we are turning over a new leaf and aiming to make further leaps under our newly established Mission of “Creating advances in information technology which meet the needs of people to build a pleasant future” as well as our Vision of “Using our imagination and technology, we aim to bring dynamism to society in becoming a unique business development company.”

The Internet and information technology are developing at a rapid pace. We take hold of these advancements to create and provide goods and services which are easy to use as well as feel comfortable without even realizing that they are there. We will strive to create a “pleasant future” in which people are genuinely happy with these goods and services.

SMN plans to launch new business projects at a rapid pace and take on development in new fields while utilizing our core technology in order to realize our mission without focusing only on profits by pointlessly getting involved in the current competition. This idea is embedded in “becoming a unique business development company.”

We will pour efforts into improving our creative and technical abilities to produce new business projects at a rapid pace. We would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for the continued support we receive from everyone.