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February 04, 2016
So-net Media Networks Corp.

Logicad TV Commercial Linked Ads is now able to send ads linked with Infomercial
Integration of Information offering ads on direct marketing and DSP

TOKYO, February 4, 2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announced the start of delivering ads linked with infomercial on Logicad TV Commercial Linked Ads, starting from today.

This service links DSP Logicad and the air time of infomercial, and it makes possible to deliver ads through RTB right after infomercial has broadcasted. Demand of infomercial has spread particularly with e-commerce and direct marketing, as one of the advertising methods which tells more details on product in longer time of broad casting than the traditional TV commercials to promote better understanding and the direct purchase of the products.

Advertisers using infomercial can deliver ads with detailed information of the product through RTB by designating the time of broadcasting and broadcasting stations, and preparing the creative (banner).

So-net Media Networks start providing Logicad TV Commercial Linked Ads from last year. Target area of Logicad TV Commercial Linked Ads has been expanded to Fukuoka, and Hokkaido region in addition to Kanto, Chukyo, and Kansai region.

【About Logicad TV Commercial Linked Ads】
Cooperating with Zeta Bridge’s TV Commercial automatic recognition system, Logicad is able to send ads through RTB to viewer right after TV commercial has broadcasted. Advertisers can expect Synergistic effect of TV commercials and online ads. So-net Media Networks provides two types of plans based on the content of TV commercial; for branding and for optimization of CPA.

About So-net Media Networks Corp.

So-net Media Networks was established in March 2000. Since then, So-net Media Networks expand the business of marketing technology with a technology they gained as a Sony group company. With core technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, So-net Media Networks provide various solutions including in house developed DSP “Logicad”.


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