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February 18, 2016
So-net Media Networks Corp.

So-net Media Networks Conducts an Experiment to Take Measures on Ad-Fraud with Momentum
~Verify Ratio and Effect of Ad-Fraud~

TOKYO, February 18, 2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence(AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announced the connection of Logicad to Black Heron from Momentum to take measures on ad-fraud, started from January.
By this cooperation, advertisers are able to deliver ads to inventories with safety through RTB, and expect improvement of advertising effectiveness.

So-net Media Networks conducted an experiment with Momentum to take measure on ad-fraud, and found following trends.

【Summary of the Experimental Result】

1. Ad-Fraud Rate on Logicad

Average of ad-fraud rate on Logicad turned out to be 0.87% on impressions and 2.04% on clicks. The results are lower than average of other DSPs in Japan (survey by Momentum on March, 2015) which is 2.5% on impressions and 10.1% on clicks.
【Overview of Experiment】
  • Term: 2016/1/21~1/31
  • Detail:
    Extract impressions and clicks from delivery server (70% of overall) which is not taking measures on ad-fraud. Aggregate numbers which determined as ad-fraud, and averaging the rate per a day.

2. Study on Effect by Taking Measure on Ad-Fraud

Servers which applied taking measures on ad-fraud improved 2.1% on CPA, and 2.4% on CVR compared to servers which is not taking measure on ad-fraud. Also, applied servers did not change the volume of ad delivery which is -0.9% from un-applied servers.
【Summary of Study】
  • Term: 2016/1/21~1/31
  • Detail:
    Count both results of delivering ads from applied servers taking measures on ad-fraud (30% from overall),and the un-applied servers (30% from overall)、and compared them on CPA, CVR base (AB test).

3. Types of Ad-Fraud

From this study, following types of ad-fraud was found.
◆「Bot traffic」
◆「Hidden ads」
◆Unlawfulness impressions, clicks by 「Site access making service」

□ Conclusion

By this study, it was able to grasp the situation of Logicad on Ad-Fraud. Also certain effect was confirmed by taking measure on ad-fraud and prevent wrong ad delivery.
  1. Ad-Fraud rate of Logicad is lower than other DSPs which is from the result of previous survey by Momentum.
  2. CPA, and CVR was improved by not bidding the ads which defined as ad-fraud
  3. For types of ad-fraud, not only bot traffic was found but also unlawfulness impressions by artificial processing was found.

As internet advertising market grows recently, managing the quality of ads and brand protection has gaining an attention. In this situation, solutions has to prevent ad delivery to bots and other unwanted sites which advertisers do not intend to show their ads has appeared.

So-net Media Networks keeps taking measure on ad-fraud with Momentum, and try our best to keep developing as the platform which advertisers can use safely.


What is Ad Fraud
Ad Fraud is an illegal ad which make invalid impressions and clicks to pad out the effect of ads. Bot is embedded a malicious programming, and it browses as human beings.

□ About “Black Heron”

A "performance-specific" plugin for networks, Black Heron is a completely new ad fraud blocking tool that is entirely different from any others. Not only does it identify 'Bot Frauds', Black Heron enables networks and DSPs to block fraudulent media in such ways as inducing intentional miss-clicks and producing ad impression fraud. Users out-putting fraudulent impressions unintentionally would also be blocked.

About So-net Media Networks Corp.

So-net Media Networks was established in March 2000. Since then, So-net Media Networks expands the business of marketing technology with a technology they gained as a Sony group company. With core technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, So-net Media Networks provides various solutions including in house developed DSP “Logicad”.


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