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March 17, 2016
So-net Media Networks Corp.

DSP『Logicad』starts the connection to “ONE by AOL: Display MP” corresponding to RTB
Ad delivery with Premium inventories

TOKYO, March, 17, 2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announced DSP “Logicad” is now connected to One by AOL: Display MP which AOL Platforms Japan runs corresponding to RTB.

『ONE by AOL: Display MP』 is the platform with the purpose of maximizing the profit efficiently by making the management of ad delivery simple.
The characteristic of the platform is its inventory which is more than 80 billion per month, and also PMP(Private Market Place) which inventories are from AOL’s premium ad network

Through Logicad, Advertisers are now able to send their advertisements to wider range and expect improved performance of their ads even more, along with other SSPs and ad exchange Logicad has already connected.

About So-net Media Networks Corp.

So-net Media Networks was established in March 2000. Since then, So-net Media Networks expand the business of marketing technology with a technology they gained as a Sony group company. With core technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, So-net Media Networks provide various solutions including in house developed DSP “Logicad”


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