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October 13, 2016
So-net Media Networks Corp.

DSP『Logicad』starts the connection to“Kiosked”corresponding to RTB
Fusion of high performance technology and effect of ad delivery utilizing AI

 TOKYO, October, 13, 2016-So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announced DSP “Logicad” is now connected to Kiosked which Kiosked OyAB provides, corresponding to RTB as first domestic DSP connected in Japan.

Kiosked is a global SSP from Finland which provides its own digital ad format to media. Characteristic of Kiosked is IN-MEDIA ad which has the layout considering viewability by data analysis and technology, and IN-LINE ad which shows ads in the articles.


It shows the ad in the top or under the content user is watching.
It is advanced in viewability, and promotes the effectiveness of the ad. 参考URL

It shows the ad between the paragraph and other paragraph.
You can show video ads and display ads and also it is corresponded to various formats. 参考URL

Logicad had delivery test with Kiosked and got average CTR twice as other delivery got during the same period. By merging technology So-net media has which analyze 300 million UB (unique browser) in real time and knowledge from experience of delivering ads such as delivery utilizing AI VALIS-Engine to the inventory Kiosked has, customers can expect high effect of ads including branding and purchase of the product.

About So-net Media Networks Corp.

So-net Media Networks was established in March 2000. Since then, So-net Media Networks expands the business of marketing technology with a technology they gained as a Sony group company. With core technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, So-net Media Networks provides various solutions including in house developed DSP “Logicad”.

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