So-net Media Networks announces the partnership with ITOCHU Interactive on digital marketing field utilizing DMP Start “Existing customer retention solution”


Press Release

TOKYO, July, 14,2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, agreed on the partnership with ITOCHU Interactive Corporation, a subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation which develops digital marketing business extensively, on digital marketing field.

This partnership, between ITOCHU Interactive and So-net Media Networks which has actual results on ad delivery and optimization using DSP, was made to support client’s marketing activities utilizing DMP.

Based on this partnership, So-net Media Networks start providing “Existing customer retention solution” with ITOCHU Interactive.

Not only measure on acquiring new customer, but also measure on preventing existing customer from transferring to competitor’s service has gaining a attention as customer acquisition has become intense in advertiser’s digital marketing activities.

This solution connect private DMP “Logicad DMP” and user data clients have such as CRM data and provide retention program based on the results of analyzing user’s browser history.

ITOCHU Interactive will handle the consulting service and So-net Media Networks will handle behavior analysis on user data.

“Existing customer retention solution”


(1)User data such as CRM data clients have
Extract the user data clients have, make ID, and connect with Logicad DMP to prepare for behavior analysis.

(2)Connect with Logicad DMP, analyze and categorization after delivering ads
Connect user ID and Logicad DMP, and design for delivering ads. Analyze and categorize the degree of user transferring to other competitor’s service from the result of ad delivery by Logicad.

(3)Propose the measure after analysis and categorization, and enforce individualized retention program
Based on analysis result of the report, propose retention program along with the service and the purpose of each client.

・Create and optimize contents to prevent user to transfer to other competitor’s service
・Enforce campaigns, and distributing coupons
・Delivering ads by DSP Logicad to lead to the login page

So-net Media Networks and ITOCHU interactive will provide solutions to solve the problems of clients on their marketing activities and will provide various support utilizing their network as group companies of SONY and ITOCHU.

ITOCHU Interactive

Driven by the slogan of Marketing and Technology for All, ITOCHU Interactive is a revolutionary service provider in the electronics sector that makes efforts on a daily basis to create new businesses by combining the business expertise of a sogo shosha with the technical expertise and creativity of an IT firm.


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