DSP『Logicad』starts the connection to The Rubicon Project corresponding to RTB Improvement in advertising effectiveness with Premium inventories


Press Release

TOKYO, August, 8, 2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announced DSP “Logicad” is now connected to The Rubicon Project, Inc. corresponding to RTB.

Rubicon Project is one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world which is corresponding to various ad types such as PC, mobile, video and so on.
Rubicon Project has premium inventories and advertisers can expect improvement in their branding promotions through preferred deal in Private Marketplace.

Through Logicad, advertisers are now able to send their advertisements to wider range and expect improved performance of their ads even more, along with other SSPs and ad exchange Logicad has already connected.


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