So-net Media Networks and BrainPad announces the start of “Royal customer training solution”, which DSP Logicad connected with DMP


Press Release

TOKYO, October, 26, 2016- So-net Media Networks Corp., a leading marketing technology service provider including DSP “Logicad” with technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and financial engineering, announced launch of “Royal customer training solution” which DSP Logicad and private DMP “Rtoaster” which BrainPad Inc., an innovative company with leading expertise in analytics, system integration, and digital marketing, provides are connected.

Logicad is in house-developed optimization platform for ad delivery. Logicad has the system infrastructure which process large scale delivery log and audience data fast and stable, and it is able to deliver ads to inventories of two hundred billion impressions per month. Also Logicad finds potential customers who will likely to become royal customers of clients with high accuracy by Prospect customer targeting which loads AI called VALIS-Engine.

Rtoaster is the marketing platform not only accumulates various data as private DMP, but also loads the forefront of recommended engine, and it enables various marketing actions marketer want. Rtoaster can conduct optimal customer communication precisely crossing multiple channels, and it is installed and utilized by more than 150 clients.

From cooperation of Logicad and Rtoaster, Logicad finds potential customers who will likely to become royal customers of clients by Prospect customer targeting which finds potential customers by VALIS-Engine. After that, personalization of various marketing actions on multiple channels is possible, by various function of Rtoaster. Thus it enables one stop solution from specification and acquisition of potential customer to lead nurturing.

Cooperation in Logicad and Rtoaster


So-net Media Networks and BrainPad will respond in client’s needs on digital marketing field by collaborating each other’s methods such as abundant experience of data analysis and utilization BrainPad has, and behavior prediction technology by AI VALIS-Engine So-net Media Networks has.


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