So-net Media Networks Corporation Enhancing Transparency and Safety of Ad Impressions for Logicad
~ Increasing the Quality of Impressions by Reinforcing Ad Verification Functions ~


Press Release

So-net Media Networks Corp. (HQ: Shinagawa Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Ryuichi Ishi, SMN) announces that Logicad reinforced ad verification functions for the transparency and safety of its impressions.

Ad verification is a service that offers technology to ensure that digital ads are displayed on websites and ad spaces in the way that advertisers intend. Ad verification is composed of three major functions listed below and vigorously discussed to protect the brand quality in the digital advertising industry.

【Functions / Roles of Ad Verification】

Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a way to gaining illicit ad income by using automation program called “Bot” and creating spam contents. The prevention of ad fraud is the solution to eliminate these malicious threads.


Viewability Measurement

Viewability is a function to measure how long and where the ads displayed on websites.

<References> “Principles of Viewable Impressions”

– Ads are displayed on viewable areas.

– Ads are viewable above a certain level in terms of the size.

– Ads are viewable above a certain level in terms of the length of each view.

– Ads are viewed by human users, not by bots.

*Reference “Guidance for the measurement of viewable impressions” by Japan Interactive Advertising Association



Brand Safety

Brand safety is a function that prevents ads from being displayed on inappropriate websites to protect corporate brand.

SMN have adopted ad fraud in January, 2016 and done a related research.

*The results of experiments for ad fraud prevention

SMN adopted Moat Analytics by Moat to maximize the performance of ads.

Regarding brand safety, SMN adopted Black Swan by Momentum that has a reputation in the field of brand safety in Japan. Black Swan utilizes their own algorithms to analyze each content and prevent impressions on inappropriate sites.

SMN will continuously work hard on reinforcing Ad Verification for transparency of digital ads.


*DSP (Demand Side Platform)

An ad delivery platform to maximize ad effective. DSP buys ad spaces in real time called RTB (Real Time Bidding) through the platform that maximizes the media income, SSP (Supply Side Platform).

About Logicad

Logicad is a demand side platform that allows our data specialists, buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through the platform. In the process of doing this, processing of massive amount of data is required, and our R&D capability allowed us to develop the system from the scratch. Moreover, we even develop our own algorithm for a certain purpose rather than using commodified modules/algorithm, and that subtle difference makes a large impact on the service and product performance.

■ DSP「Logicad」



About So-net Media Networks Corp.

Founded in March 2000, So-net Media Networks has continuously challenged the possibility of digital marketing and grown to a publicly-traded company in Japan. The core strength of our business in digital field derives from R&D capability as a company of SONY group, and that is fully reflected on the quality excellence of all the services we create. In order to provide enterprise solutions for various kinds of issues, we will keep challenging for innovations, especially in the field of financial engineering, big data processing, and artificial intelligence.

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